July 7/ 2014: Jeppe Trier - new Avionics Supervisor at Uni-Fly A/S

We are happy to announce that we have hired Jeppe Trier as our new Avionics Supervisor at Uni-Fly A/S. Jeppe will be the day-to-day manager at our avionics workshop and help our organization strengthen and broaden our avionics scope.

"I look forward to working here and to expand and strengthen the area. Uni-Fly is an exciting company, and looking over their past four years, Uni-Fly has proved their position in the GA business, e.g. with the service center status for Piper, Cirrus and latest Centurion Technify Motors GmbH. By offering new opportunities for customers with the avionic shop, and being able to perform installations, tests and repairs, I’m very much looking forward to working here," said Jeppe Trier.

For the last 14 years, Jeppe has worked for a number of Danish aviation companies, also in supervisor/ manager positions. Originally, he trained and worked as Aircraft Technician at the Royal Danish Airforce (2001-2004). After this job, he worked as an Avionics Technician/ Supervisor/ Shop Manager at Air Alpha A/S from 2004 to 2012. His latest position was as Avionic Shop Manager at Air Service Vamdrup.

"We are happy to have Jeppe as a part of our staff and welcome him to our team," said Morten R. Jørgensen, Customer Support Manager at Uni-Fly A/S.

Contact Jeppe Trier: jet@uni-fly.dk or +45 65 95 50 44.

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