​Taxi & vip flights

In need of fast transportation? Arrive in style and on the spot?

Helicopter taxi flights are a fast way of transporting people or cargo from A to B. The helicopter provides great flexibility and is not affected by traffic problems and overcrowded roads.

Our helicopters meet the latest safety norms and all requirements to efficient, fast and safe transport.​ 

An Eurocopter EC120 is a popular choice. Based in Hans Christian Andersen Airport, it can easily and quickly reach all locations in Denmark. It comfortably seats 4 passengers.

An Eurocopter EC135 seats up to 7 passengers. This helicopter is the exclusive solution to your transportation needs.​​ 

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​Hans Christian Andersen Airport

Lufthavnvej 131​ ​DK-5270 Odense N​

​CVR: 70033313

Opening hours monday-friday​

Operations: email

+45 65 95 41 44

8-16 CET

Maintenance: email

Spare parts: email

+45 65 95 50 44

7-15 CET


8-16 CET​