Sling operations

UNI-FLY is authorised to perform sling operations, including dangerous goods.

The helicopter can perform tasks such as unloading cargo at remote and/ or hard-to-reach locations where a crane cannot gain access. We have performed various sling operations during the last 40 years.

Sling operations, e.g.:​

  1. Cable pull during construction of Storebæltsbroen (Great Belt Bridge)
  2. Flying with geophysic equipment measuring ground water
  3. Installation of 3 G antennas for mobile phone networks
  4. Flying with geology equipment
  5. Flying with building materials
  6. Establishing walkways in wetlands, e.g. Lille Vildmose

Our Eurocopter EC120’s can lift up to approx. 600 kg while the EC135 lifts approx. 1000 kg.​

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