Practical info​

Landing Area​

An area suitable for landing the helicopter must meet various criteria:

- The owner must have given premission to land with the helicopter.

- The area must be: 1) Min. 50 x 50 m, 2) A plane even surface, e.g a lawn.

Surfaces with gravel and sand is not suitable:

1. All loose objects must be removed from the area
2. The area must not be located in a densely populated area
3. The area must not be serrornded by obstacles such as tall buildings, tall trees, masts, etc.
​It must be prossible for the helicopter to preform both the descent and take-off without obstacles. The pilot decides whether an area is suitable. The pilot will always assist you in finding a suitable landing area for your event.


Some weather considera:ons have to be taken ‐ is the air icy, is there any fog or are there any other condi:ons that could prevent the pilot from performing a safe flight? EC120 is a day/ night VFR helicopter EC135 is a VFR day/ night and IFR helicopter (= may fly in less optimal weather conditions)​


The helicopters' flight :me is limited by the quan:ty of fuel that can be carried. The helicopters have a maximum take‐off weight (see under Fleet). The less weight the helicopter has to carry the more fuel it can carry. We have a mobile fuelling system used when flying at events. During longer flights, the pilot refuels when passing airports on the route.

Alcohol and flying

UNI‐FLY does not carry passengers under the influence of alcohol. The pilot solely decides whether a passenger poses a threat to the flight or not.​Uni-Fly

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