Oil/gas & power line

We have more than 40 years and 20,000 hours of experience with inspection flights.

We perform inspections of the Danish natural gas & oil pipelines and the Danish high-voltage power line system. The natural gas pipelines are inspected for damages caused by e.g. construction work performed against regulations.

The high-voltage power line system is inspected for faults or damages on masts and wires.​

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​Hans Christian Andersen Airport

Lufthavnvej 131​ ​DK-5270 Odense N​

​CVR: 70033313

Opening hours monday-friday​

Operations: email

+45 65 95 41 44

8-16 CET

Maintenance: email

Spare parts: email

+45 65 95 50 44

7-15 CET


8-16 CET​