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Too much vibration damages your helicopter and aircraft!

To reduce the ware on components, we track and balance the following, in accordance with manufacturer directions:

Main rotors
Tail rotors
Aircraft propellers

Engine vibrations

We also have the capability to monitor engine vibrations.

This gives us an indication of the engine condition and health.

Our equipment is approved to perform the so-called Pratt & Whitney MORE programme for PT6 engines. The PT6 is one of the most popular turboprop aircraft engines in history, used in many different aircraft.

UNI-FLY A/S Headquarters ›​

Hans Christian Andersen Airport

Lufthavnvej 131

​DK-5270 Odense N

​CVR: 70033313

​Phone +45 65 95 41 44

Fax +45 65 95 41 54 


Helicopter Operation ›​

​Odense Phone +45 65 95 41 44

​Esbjerg Phone: +45 75 14 31 44


Finance: account@unifly.dk

Maintenance ›​

​Spare Parts ›