Surprise your friend? Arrive by helicopter at your wedding?
The perfect present for your Dad? An extraordinary experience for your company guests?

We facilitate all sorts of private and corporate events: Company parties, town fairs, concerts, weddings, birthdays or if you wish for your clients or partners to see your company from a different perspective.

Bottom line: We give you an extraordinary experience! Our Eurocopter EC120 is perfect for sightseeing flights. It carries 4 passengers and is designed to provide a great view from all seats.

UNI-FLY A/S Headquarters ›​

Hans Christian Andersen Airport

​P. O. Box 719

​DK-5210 Odense NV

​CVR: 70033313

​Phone +45 65 95 41 44

Fax +45 65 95 41 54

Helicopter Operation ›​

​Odense Phone +45 65 95 41 44

​Esbjerg Phone: +45 75 14 31 44

Maintenance ›​

​Spare Parts ›