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For places where landing is not possible, the use of the hoist could be a solution. Both freight and passengers can be hoisted to the site.

How? The helicopter hovers over the site and the hoist operator lowers passenger and goods, by means of a winch mounted on the side of the helicopter.

We have performed thousands of hoist operations, mainly in connection with an operation from Esbjerg Airport to Horns Rev I offshore wind farm. The drop-off platform at wind turbines are placed approximately 80 metres above sea level and the operation can take place in wind speeds up to approx. 22 m/sec.

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Helicopter hoist is also used in connection with transport of people or cargo to vessels and offshore installations. Our experience also include the hoist with a stretcher to/from vessels as well as offshore installations.

Team work
Performing hoist operations requires team work and coordination between pilot and hoist operator. It requires education and thorough training of everyone involved to ensure highest safety standard.

The helicopter
The type of helicopter used for the hoist operations is a Eurocopter EC135.

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